Unite Lebanon Youth Project (ULYP) is a nonprofit organization (NGO#134) established in 2010 to propel a paradigm shift in Lebanon from a nation that is divided along religious, political, socio-economic, and ethnic lines to one where people can co-exist, unite, and work together for a better future. ULYP does this through creating educational opportunities and giving equal access to quality educational programs to children, youth, and women in the marginalized communities. ULYP’s programs raise general awareness on mutual respect, tolerance, and acceptance of the other to create a dialogue of peace.

ULYP’s work is rooted in the belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to fulfill his or her inherent potential, and to have a voice in the process of getting there. This is especially true in the context of refugees, who now make up over one quarter of Lebanon’s population. To ULYP, a marginalized person and/or a refugee is not synonymous with someone who lacks potential they just lack the means of reaching it.


To empower the marginalized children, youth, and women living in Lebanon TODAY with the skills and knowledge they need to change and become active agents of change for a better tomorrow, without any discrimination.


A united Lebanon where everyone has equal access to success and the opportunity to reach their full potential.