Higher education is associated with a number of benefits for both the degree holder and their family, including improved health, increased equity, and better social conditions. ULYP works with capable students from secondary schools and vocational institutions in Lebanon to prepare them for success. We have seen the students’ personal success in their education and careers spill over to their families and communities. At ULYP, quality secondary and college education is key to sustained personal and professional success and to inspiring positive change within communities.

Bridge enrolls students, who meet the eligibility criteria, engages them in a one to three-year college preparatory program and finally matches them with scholarships for undergraduate degrees in universities in Lebanon and abroad. Like all of ULYP’s programs, Bridge aims at preparing the youth to become active agents of change in their communities and beyond.


Students who enroll in the Bridge program go through the following journey:

1. University Preparatory Course (UPC): prepares students for university entrance exams such as the SAT and English language proficiency exams like TOEFL and IELTS. Annually, 150 students are carefully selected per set criteria to start the journey towards university education with the Bridge UPC Program.

2. University Counseling and Guidance: offers 11th and 12th grade students career/university guidance, application assistance, and guidance related to personal and professional development. We maintain this mentorship throughout the students’ university years and beyond, giving our program an actual longevity of 5-6 years. On average, 350 scholarship applicants receive guidance support throughout their final years of high school.

3. University Funding: understanding the limitations of the extreme financial burden these students face, the Bridge Program matches students with potential donors and secures their university funding. We draw on three sources for this funding: Bridge's partnerships with various universities in Lebanon and abroad; various institutional, governmental and private scholarships; direct funding through ULYP. Each year, we award around 100 - 130 scholarships for underprivileged youth living in Lebanon.


To date, over 1800 students have benefitted from the Bridge Program including all three components. Under the University Funding component, 876 were matched with scholarships granted to ULYP by individual donors, governments, foundations, and universities. ULYP has launched its Alumni Association with 409 current graduates.



Scholarship applications for university funding for the academic year 2020-2021 are now open online and can be accessed HERE


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